Equine Behaviour & Training

Course Overview

The Equine Behaviour and Training Course explores the impact that evolution and domestication has had on the modern day horse, teaches the concepts of equine behavioural science and how to apply them in training and gives you the tools you need to understand equine communication signals, deal with spooking, understand the root cause of unwanted behaviours, create a calm and steady horse and much more.

Equine Behaviour and Training Course teaches you to:

  • Apply behavioural science and learning theory to horse training.
  • How to minimise stress and increase training efficiency.
  • Understand the biological reasons behind horse behaviour and get to the root cause of problems.
  • Train reliable behaviours that your horse can demonstrate whether at home or away.
  • Apply training methods in a way that improves the horse’s performance and welfare whilst maintaining ethics.
  • Learn about the science behind reinforcement in training and how you can apply it successfully

About The Course:

The EBT Course is for anyone looking to develop their knowledge of behaviour and training skills, further. Successful completion of the course counts towards the academic element of the entry requirements of the ABTC-recognised and multi-accredited Diploma in Equine Training and Coaching.

Understanding the science behind equine training and learning is the key to being a successful horse trainer and owner. Now more than ever the equine industry is under pressure to raise its’ welfare and ethics standards. By introducing you to the how and why behind everything equine behavioural science you will be able to make informed choices about horses care and management to ensure that the lives of the horses you interact with are positively impacted. 

The EBTC provides a thoroughly enjoyable, fascinating and in-depth exploration into the world of behavioural science and training as it applies to equines.

With more than 40 lessons and webinars, the EBTC is comprehensive and insightful, teaching you everything that you need to know about the how’s and why’s of the latest science behind behaviour and learning to help you achieve a better understanding of equines. The course provides hours of self-study and is jam-packed with science-based information and exercises for you to do at home and at a pace that suits you.  

So whether you are an owner wanting to understand your horse better, a professional who wants to expand their existing knowledge or up and coming trainer looking to get your foot on the ladder towards ABTC Registration, the equine behaviour and training course is for you.  

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Course Modules

    • The Evolution of Equine
    • Domestication and Behaviour
    • Herd living and ‘Hierarchy
    • Social Structure 
    • Equine Communication Methods  
    • Associative Learning 
    • Reinforcers: Primary and Secondary 
    • Fundamentals of Negative Reinforcement 
    • Fundamentals of Positive Reinforcement 
    • Fundamentals of Creating Behaviours
    • The Importance of Cues
    • Training Troubleshooting 
    • Fundamental Behavioural Needs
    • Fundamental Training Frameworks
    • The NAC Training Matrix 
    • ESAW: Ethics, Suitability, Action and Welfare  

Course Details

This course is an instant access course. Once you are ready to sign up, click the “Enrol Now” button and you will be taken to the checkout to process your payment. If you’d like to spread the cost of the course, you can use our finance option at the checkout.

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There are no entry requirements for this course. The course is for anyone, owner or professional, who is looking to better their practice and expand their knowledge.  
We recommend you have experience with horses before taking this course, and would like to highlight that course involves technical language so being comfortable with written and spoken English will benefit your experience. 

For your learning and development, there are quizzes throughout the course to allow you to self-assess your knowledge at multiple stages. This course is a non-assessed course and therefore does not lead to certification. 

This course is an informational course aimed at Owners to further knowledge and skills. Therefore, course is not accredited and does not provide certification.

This course can aid students looking to meet the entry requirements for the Diploma in Equine Training & Coaching. If you are don’t currently meet the entry requirements, this course can help fill gaps in your knowledge and provide you a good foundation in the concepts and theories required for joining the course.

This is a self-study e-learning course, hosted on our bespoke learning platform. Once you sign up you will receive a login and access to the course, from there you will receive all the content in one go, allowing you to pace your learning however suits you best. 

You will also gain access to the NAC Community App where all our students, past and present are able to discuss and debate course topics and ask the expert tutors questions. Whilst there is no direct contact with tutors for this course, they are active in the NAC Community and The NAC Team is also contactable through the Student Support box.