Our mission statement is “Positively influencing the wellbeing of animals worldwide”, so we need to make sure the information we have available reaches their owners and caregivers. It’s important to us that we make our content as accessible to as many people as possible.

Therefore, we’ve created a series of FREE resources that you can download today. These are short and sweet guidebooks that will help give you concise and actionable information on relevant topics to animal training and behaviour.

Before taking a look at our new animal behaviour courses online, feel free to take a look at the free resources below!

Keeping Stabled Horses Happy Guidebook

Herd Behaviour

Learn about herd dynamics and the social needs of equines.

Equine Ethology

Learn about equine ethology and the impact that domestication has on horses.

Actionable Tips

Get actionable tips that can help you to encourage natural behaviours whilst your horse is stabled.

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