Science Simplified: Learning Theory

Course Overview

Have you ever wondered how your pet learns behaviours?  From dogs, to horses, to cats and kittens all our pets learn through the same ways, in that sense every brain is the same. From Pavlov’s dogs to the application of rewards in training, this Science Simplified course will take you through the topic of learning theory.

Through the course, you will learn how animals learn behaviours, how all training is science and how learning theory underpins almost all the science related to training.

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Course Modules

    • Associative Learning
    • Classical conditioning
    • Operant conditioning
    • Higher order conditioning

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We recommend you have experience with horses before taking this course, and would like to highlight that course involves technical language so being comfortable with written and spoken English will benefit your experience. 

This course is an informational course aimed at Owners to further knowledge and skills. Therefore, course is not accredited and does not provide certification.

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