The Future of the NAC

The Future of the NAC

As we move forward into 2022, the Natural Animal Centre’s Animal Behaviour Courses will be undergoing some significant changes in terms of the management, courses, delivery, content, etc.  The Bach Flower Remedies Animal Counsellor course is not affected at all by these changes.

Ross has spent nearly a lifetime alongside Heather writing and delivering animal behaviour courses and qualifications to many, bringing new behaviourists into the world in order to fulfil the mission statement “Positively influencing the wellbeing of animals worldwide”.

To develop the NAC into the future of the animal behaviour industry, Ross has chosen a successor.  Alex Le Grand is the new Director & owner of the NAC with immediate effect.  He is joined by an expert team consisting of Debbie Busby and Aliyah Woodland.

To find out more about the team please visit ‘Meet The Team’

Moving Forward

The behaviour course content that has been shared and taught over the years has provided people with the knowledge and understanding to analyse and help modify problematic behaviours in equines, felines and canines and also to train these animals in a positive, ethical and practical way.

The Natural Animal Centre will continue to follow the path of delivering modern, scientific and ethical content in the form of courses, qualifications and branching out to provide our learners with workshops, webinars, guided learning, etc.

We are undergoing a restructure of the Animal Behaviour learning materials to ensure that as the world moves forward to an era where behaviour practitioners and trainers will start to become regulated through the Animal Behaviour and Training Council, the NAC keeps in-line and up to date with these changes.

The Bach Counsellor course has already been adapted to an online format.  Ross keeps the ownership of this course & will continue to manage all current & new students.  If you are a Bach Counsellor student this announcement does not affect you.

What will this look like?

  1. Course Delivery

First and foremost, Behaviour Courses will now be delivered through a new online learning platform that will allow students to carry out the learning in the same way as before, at a distance. However, moving online will also enable us to provide new facilities for assignment submissions, social learning through study groups and communities, self-guided and taught courses, access to tutors, online webinars and conferences and much more.

  1. Course Content

We are changing the structure and content of the existing Behaviour Qualifications so that we can provide the same high-standard of education whilst moving with the times and future-proofing our content so that we are producing animal behaviour practitioners that can work into the future, alongside the forthcoming legislative changes. The sale of behaviour qualification courses will be closed until Summer 2022 to allow us to make all the necessary changes to move forward, however; we will be adding more courses to our portfolio over the coming months that will be accessible to all in the same way as before.

More information regarding the changes to the courses will be provided over the coming months (Sign up to our newsletter to be notified when the new courses are released).

  1. Support for Existing NAC Students & Graduates

There will be no change for all existing NAC students who will continue to submit the course work as they do at present via [email protected].  Ross will continue to support you & upon graduation, the NAC will provide your certificate as it has done in the past.

Warmest wishes from Alex, Debbie & Aliyah.

To all our Natural Animal Centre Students …

I am so pleased to have found such a highly qualified & enthusiastic team to take on the responsibility for the NAC’s future in the Animal Behaviour Market.  I know Heather would have agreed, as this will take her legacy & invigorate it for the future.

I wish everyone who is linked to the NAC the very best of fortune & hope your positive influence over animals’ welfare continues to grow over the decades to come.  I look forward to seeing all of our existing Animal Behaviour students through to graduation & to continuing to offer the Bach Counsellor course without interruption.

Warmest regards Ross.

Ross Simpson

… positively influencing the wellbeing of animals worldwide …

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