New Horse Rider’s Mechanic Course is Launched!

More Exciting News!

Launching TODAY, you will be able to purchase the Equiculture Horse Rider’s Mechanic Course on our new custom-built NAC LMS Platform.

View the courses available here.

We recognise that riding is a part of many horse owners’ lives and therefore we feel it is vital that easy-to-apply, effective and ethical information such as this course is easily accessible to owners. Position and balance when riding are of vital importance, not just so that you look pretty, but to make yourself as easy to carry for your horse as possible.

This course fits with the NAC’s ethics as it provides you with the knowledge to help you ride your horse in a way that allows them to move freely and improve their way of going.

For now, thank you all for your patience in waiting for our new suite of courses to be released and thank you to Jane and Stuart at Equiculture for trusting us with their fantastic courses.

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